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Metro 2040
How Metro 2040 works
Measuring progress toward regional goals
Regional Context Statements
Urban Centres Network
Economy/Industrial Lands
Agriculture and the Regional Food System
Housing Affordability
Ecological Health
Regional Planning Maps
Land Use and Transportation Coordination

Metro 2040 
Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future, the regional growth strategy, represents the collective vision for how our region is going to accommodate the 1 million people and over 500,000 jobs that are expected to come to the region in the next 25 years.

Metro 2040 was unanimously adopted in 2011 by 21 municipalities, TransLink and adjacent regional districts. It contains strategies to advance five goals related to urban development, the regional economy, the environment and climate change, housing and community amenities, and integrating land use and transportation.
Learn about the region’s challenges and opportunities
How Metro 2040 guides regional growth and is put into practice at both the regional and municipal levels
Metro 2040 is centred around five regional goals, each with supporting strategies and policies
Metro Vancouver uses a set of performance measures established in Metro 2040 to monitor progress towards regional goals. Results are released yearly in the Progress Toward Shaping our Future report
Information on proposed and completed amendments to Metro 2040 and amendment process requirements
Regional Context Statements are prepared by municipalities and link municipal Official Community Plans (OCPs) to Metro 2040
Metro Vancouver conducts policy research and has developed implementation guidelines, land use maps and other information to support Metro 2040