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Multi-Family Recycling
Yard and Garden
Dog Waste Composting

Yard and Garden 
Natural yard care is a way of maintaining your lawn and yard without risking damage to the surrounding environment. It involves: 
  Avoiding use of chemicals in your yard
  Mulching garden beds to keep soil moist, and reduce sprinkling needs
  Designing a low maintenance garden and choose low maintenance plants
  Choosing plants that attract birds and insect with berries and seeds
  Choosing hand tools over power tools
  Choosing plants that grow well in our wet, cool climate
  Using your garden to enhance nature, rather than change it


  Many municipalities sell compost bins to their residents at cost. Call yours to ask.

 Recycling Council of BC (RCBC) or call 604 REC-YCLE.
 City Farmer
 Evergreen Home Grounds
In the Lower Mainland:

  126,000 compost bins were purchased from municipalities between1991 and 2001.
  62% of homeowners do some composting.
  1 application of compost can have a positive effect on plant growth for up to 8 years.